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These are actual letters we have received from satisfied clients:

I would like to thank your organization for all the help that you have given me in trying to re-establish my credit and also be able to pay off some bills. My loan request was given today and also approved within 10 minutes time. Again I want to thank your organization very much!!! I have also told quite a few about the great work that you have done for me!!!

- G. Hall (Princess Anne, MA)

Thank you very much for your help. I did get approved for the loan. I received your letter Friday February 1st, applied Monday the 4th at one of the lenders and Tuesday the 5th we received the loan. Now I'll work on getting my credit report up to par. Thanks once again.

- R. Oliver (Charlevoix, MI)

I received your letter with various lenders. I managed to get $10,000.00 from two lenders.

-S. Pel (New York,NY)

Thank you for being the type of company that helps people when things have gone so bad in life... I have been so under the weather and was looking for a way to get back on my feet. I will surely refer your company out to others. I currently work in the Small Business Office for Justice and I help a lot of small businesses with contracts with the government. Again, thanks.

- R. Glover (Brandywine, MD)

Just saying that I was approved for a loan and thanks a lot...

- C. Fredericks (East Elmhurst, NY)

I would like to thank you for helping with some of my financial difficulties. I was able to get some bills cleaned up through (lender # 4). They are an excellent company.

- L. Andrews (Richmond Hill, NY)

Enclosed you will see a copy of a loan that I have taken with (lender # 2). I was approved for $4,000.00 on a personal loan...


- K. Krom (Napanoch, NY)

I just wanted to let you know that I thank you very much for your services and I got my loan.

- C. Rooney

Thanks a million! I have been approved for $ 5,000.00 from (lender # 3). God works in mysterious ways.

- A. Davis (Washington, D.C.)

I just want to thank you...getting a loan has helped me. I will pay that money as soon as I can so that I can get another one to do something else. I really appreciated your collaboration. This is how I like to deal with an agency, company or whatever. You really matched my desire of whom I am. If you have anything else you do business on, don't hesitate to let me know, it may help me as well.

Thank you so much,

- R. Amegbedji (New York,NY)

I was able to obtain my personal loan... I will certainly recommend anyone with similar interest to contact your company. Again, thank you! Happy Holidays!

- Your happy client.

I have been extended a line of credit from (lender # 7) of $2,500.00

- E. Worthy (Wheaton, MA)

I appreciate the extra effort you took for me. I will be recommending your services.

- J. N. (Phoenix, AZ)

I received my loan today! I started the process yesterday. I now have cash for Christmas! You guys saved the day.

-M.Komula (Rices Landing, PA)

I did not get the total amount, but was pleased they came as close as possible. Thank you so very much, this cash on demand will still do everything I need a loan to do. I'm pleased!

S. Holmes (Mesquite, TX)

...I was approved for from lender # 6...between $ 12,501.00 and $ 15,000.00...

E. Oates (New York, NY)

...I did get funded by (lender # 1) for $ 2,500.00...

M. Shewmaker (Charlestown, IN)

Thank you! I have received the money that I needed.

A. Seal (Shenandoah, VA)

Just want to thank you for your help, I got a loan.

B. Dalton (Morgantown, WV)

I applied for your services around 4/23/07, received the info, applied to just 3 of the services, got approved by 2. Just wanted to say thank you.

V.Hendrickson (Strawberry, AR)

I just want to thank you we were approved for the amount we requested from lender 2 we didn't have to call anyone else. The people there were so nice and they understood everything. Thank you very much.

A. Crumley (Temperance, MI)

You guys are great I got approved for a $1000 loan today and I am picking up the check in the am. Thank you for your services.

S. Doherty (Providence, RI)

I was approved today for my loan. Thank you so much for supplying me and my husband with the resources to make it happen. I will definately recommend your company to friends and family that find themselves in a bind.

M. Sedlak ( Zephyrhills, FL)

Thank you so much, I used your services and was approved for 2 personal loans when I thought I would not be. Not that the loans were approved for more than I was asking!!!

I was very skeptical about your fees, but I cannot thank you enough. You do an excellent job and I hope others will hear about this service and use it!!!!!

JR O'Neil (Portland, OR)

...I was approved for $ 6,500.00...

V. Prestia (Wappingers Falls, NY)

I received a loan from (lender # 2). Thank you. After years of Pay Day loans, this is a God Sent.

D. Shannon (Hampton, VA)

I have to admit I was a bit dubious when I received you all's information packet but I just wanted to take a few lines to thank you for the information and your effort!!!! My credit rating is a bit "banged up" but your package sent me to a lender who helped me and I just secured a very helpful bill consolidation loan. I'm a happy camper nd will recommend you all to people I know who will be in need of services you offer. Thanks again!!

M. Kidd (Topeka, KS)

Thank you for your assistance. I closed on my loan this morning.

K. Krause (Stony Point, NY)

Thank's I was approved for 2521.00 from lender # 1...

C. Blackwell (Peoria, AZ)

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